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Alan's crates are custom built to protect your valuables for storage and shipping. Our  shipping crates are professionally built to stand up to domestic and international shipping.  International shipping crates can be constructed of heat treated wood to meet the specifications of the destination.  Made to order.  We can add hinges, gussets, strong joints, one time use crating and reusable shipping crates.  We also use glue on seams and joints to improve endurance.  Custom crate design may lead us to advise front loading with ramp, pallet base, hinge door, side hinge, or fold down hinge crate.


At AlanĀ“s Crating we brace and crate grandfather clocks, artwork, LCD and Plasma televisions or whatever needs shipping or safe relocation or storage.  We can build crates for domestic use, international shipping, and optimized for repeated storage, retrieval or transfer to common carrier.  Pictured right, this crate is designed for repeated use with added corner bracing and a pallet bottom to allow fork-lift easy access.


We can also design your crate for single use with less concern for the wear and tear that fork-lift trucks would create for the bottom of pallets that might sit flush with the floor.  A crate designed for a situation where it might only be used once is also less likely to require a hinged door, or padding and supports that can handle the repeated packing and unpacking of its designated contents.


Alan's Crating provides shipping, moving, storage and relocation services before and after the move.


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